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Innova Systems
Software doesnt have
   any feet or legs.
   Software doesnt walk
   into an organization
   by itself and then
   everything starts
Rangsarn Chanyavanich,
Founder, Innova Systems
Software solutions absolutely require Services.

If you have reviewed the software features, but have NOT evaluated the services provided with them, you havent seen the whole picture,and you are at risk of a failed project.

In most cases, organizations need software solutions that fit to their needs. That means the following steps (at a minimum) have to happen:
  • Customers need to Communicate their needs/problems to be solved by software.
  • The needs (requirements) are Translated into configurations of the standard software solution.
  • Configurated software solutions are Tested by the Customer and the Vendor.
  • Customers end-users are Trained on the configured software solution.
  • Software solutions need to be Upgraded,Maintained, Debugged, Supported.
Communication.Translation.Testing. Training.Upgrading.Maintenance.Debugging.Support.

If you can show me a complex organizational software solution that can do any of the above without the Services of an IT professional, then email and show me, and I will buy you a bottle of wine!

Services are just as important as the Software they enable. Service is the key differentiator that determines whether a software solution succeeds or fails to deliver the benefits to your organization.

Two vendors, A and B, sell the same solution at the same price, but vendor A speaks your language and culture (as in they speak Thai and English), knows your industry, understands your processes, problems & jargon, and has done some projects with you in the past, and knows your team. Which vendor do you choose? Services is THE deciding factor.
Here is how we work, at Innova Systems.
This is Innova Systems Services.
When we first meet with you, we want to know, What are the steps you take to get work done? In other words, we seek to understand your business processes. Then, we like to ask what problems you face. By first Listening to Understand, we ensure that we dont blindly copy and paste some solution from somewhere else. Sometimes, when we understand what your needs and challenges are, we may even realize that our solutions are not enough, and we wont recommend it!
Having done step #1, we are able to show and tell you about the Software Solution in a way that makes sense to you. We highlight what is relevant, and leave out or de-emphasize what is less relevant. Usually, software solutions have standard features that solve a core problem, and it is usually the small little features that either fit or do not fit your specific needs. We advise and guide you through this evaluation process. We may even help install a demonstration for you to try out for a short while, because a live demo is worth a thousand powerpoint slides.
Now that we understand your needs, and you have seen what the standard software can do, we propose to configure, tailor, extend, and integrate the Software Solution with your organization's needs and existing systems and processes. If you like what we communicate to do for you, it's time to shake hands and start working on making it happen, for real.
Besides the technical work related to installation of the system, we also consider many other dimensions during the implementation of the Software Solution for you.

We call this the Innova Systems 4K Checklist of Implementation Readiness

K1 Komputer related readiness (hardware, software, network, configuration, development, integration, etc.). Making sure all the little details of every piece of technology works together as designed and communicated to the Customer.

K2 Kormool or data readiness. Do we have to prepare new or existing data to be used in the new Software Solution? How will it be extracted, prepared, cleaned, filtered, verified, and moved into the new system, and how will we test the accuracy of the data?

K3 Kahn-tawn 鹵͹ or business processes. What are the existing ways of getting things done (business processes), and how will we modify these steps to reflect the new way of getting things done using the Software Solution? What are the changes and shifts in roles and responsibilities of the staff?

K4 Khon or People readiness. Not just making sure that we train people to have the new skills to operate the Software Solution, we must ensure that People are engaged to transition from the old way to the new way of doing things (with Software). We must be aware of individual, departmental, interpersonal, and organizational cultural factors that will Help or Hinder the change; we need to manage the People Adoption of the new Software Solution.

By focusing on these 4 K's during the implementation, we ensure that nothing gets left to chance, thereby mitigating project failures, and enabling a successful realization of business benefit.
Like all things, change is inevitable. Once the Software Solution is installed and has gone-live, careful upkeep of the entire Solution is required to make sure it continues to deliver business value. This last step includes training the Customer IT team to take care of the system, regularly monitoring system performance, applying routine fixes and upgrades to the Software Solution, supporting users and caretakers in problem resolution, and anticipating Customer changes and needs that impact how the Software Solution will be used in the future.
Services. The magic behind Software.
At Innova Systems, we create magic everyday.
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