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June 1, 2011
Thonglor Pet Hospital LIVE on iMed Pet HIS system
Innova Systems is proud to announce that Thonglor Pet Hospital, the premier hospital for pets in Thailand, has successfully implemented the iMed HIS for Pets in all of its current branch locations. With phase 1 complete, Thonglor Pet Hospital will be able to use the power of iMed to provide petcare to its customers and have access to unprecedented amounts of information about its own operations. "With the go-live of iMed, Thonglor Pet Hospital has upgraded to the latest technological platform, which we believe has never been available before for pet hospitals to such a depth of functionality," commented Rangsarn Chanyavanich, managing director of Innova Systems, the systems integration consultancy and iMed reseller responsible for the project. Congratulations to all of the Thonglor Pet Hospital PetHIS team!
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