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Enterprise Document Management System
iDoc for Healthcare Hospital Enterprise Document Management System
The iDoc for Healthcare hospital EDMS has been built from the ground up to serve the needs of healthcare organizations of all sizes from single clinics to multi-site distributed hospitals.

iDoc for Healthcare enables hospitals to control the entire process of paper management from scan-to-share in a secure, traceable fashion that meets the high data security needs of healthcare organizations today.

With its web-based, distributed architecture, iDoc for Healthcare works on todays Web standards to enable anywhere, online/offline document management to unleash the power of content trapped in your paper documents.

Main Features

Connect to any standard TWAIN-compliant scanner such as Kodak, Canon, Fujitsu and scan directly into iDoc for Healthcare. Or, upload any popular file format such as jpg, gif, tif, or pdf, and even add multimedia files such as audio and video. Single file or batch uploads.ad hoc work or scanning center work is supported.

Do you need to lookup information in your hospital information system (HIS) and map patient information to your scanned file? Not a problem. iDoc for Healthcare allows you to perform basic integration using CSV upload into the iDoc lookup tables, or advanced integration with direct lookup from any HIS database.

Do you use barcodes to identify your documents with patient information (HN, AN, VN) and document type? iDoc for Healthcare automatically scans these barcodes and auto-classifies your records for you. One or 1000 patient files its easy for you, because iDoc for Healthcare handles it all!
Keep your files safe and sound in the iDoc for Healthcare repository, and add descriptive information (metadata) about your file for later searching and reporting using our flexible document type and document attributes manager. Got a special document type requiring special attributes? No problems create new ones on the fly! iDoc for Healthcare allows for unlimited document types and attributes, without any programming needed.
Using our web-based management tool, iDoc for Healthcare can be completely configure to suit your needs. Manage users, groups, permissions, document types, document attributes all from a browser-based control panel. Run activity and audit reports, set archive and purge settings, and more. Its easy to do with iDoc for Healthcare.
Frontline medical staff from doctors to nurses can rest assured that they can find the document they need from iDoc for Healthcare in mere seconds. Search by patient name, HN (hospital number), AN or VN, or even by document type. Advanced search allows for even more powerful searching based on multiple conditions to filter for specific records.
Now that youve found your documents, view them in full-screen in multiple tabs with easy keyboard shortcuts so you never have to take your eyes off of the data. Rotate, zoom, and with additional permissions, you can print, email, and export securely for later review. iDoc for Healthcare lets you view and share naturally.

iDoc for Healthcare was built with these attributes in mind:
  • Easy to Use
    • Easy for medical records departments, easy for doctors/nurses, and easy to administer by IT.
  • Scalable
    • Support a single clinic, or scale up to the largest university teaching hospitals. Small volumes and enterprise volumes are not a problem. Centralized and decentralized scanning/viewing are supported.
  • Accessible
    • Hybrid web and client/server technologies allow for online/offline operations anywhere you need to access iDoc for Healthcare.
  • Secure
    • Tracking activity. Encryption. Watermarking. Expiry dates. Custom secure file format and custom viewer. iDoc for Healthcare takes its security seriously to protect your healthcare data.
  • Built for Healthcare
    • With Innova Systems experience working with hospitals, we understand what hospital end-users want nothing more, and nothing less.
    • We take the best of document management systems and design it with healthcare DNA to make it the most tailored healthcare EDMS system around. If hospitals need it in their EDMS, we want to know about it!
Innova Systems and ICE Solutions have collaborated to jointly design the iDoc for Healthcare hospital enterprise document management system from the ground up, to serve the specfic needs of hospitals and clinics in Thailand.

iDoc for Healthcare is just what your hospital needs.

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