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Innova Systems
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Innova Digital Pen & Paper Solutions
Innova Systems has developed an offering based on digital pen & paper solutions. Digital pen & paper solutions allow for the capture and conversion of handwriting into digital data by simply deploying a digital pen coupled with a mobile phone. Your handwritten data can be captured and transformed into data at your central server, and integrated into your business's existing legacy systems.
Penvision Formidable
Formidable is an end-to-end digital pen & paper solution that allows you to use digital pen and paper to capture data out in the field, and have it sent back to a central server for conversion, storage, sharing, and integrating into your legacy systems. Formidable can be used for mobile questionnaires, mobile form filling, field investigations, production line quality data gathering, mobile market research, mobile healthcare checkup data capture, and more. If forms need to be filled out in the field using pen and paper, then Formidable can make it quicker to capture that data digitally.
Innova DPP Integration with Electronic Document Management Systems (Innova DPP+DocScan)
Innova Systems is the first provider in Thailand of an integrated document capture and document management solution. We complete the data lifecyle by providing an end-to-end solution encompassing the capture->store->search->view/share lifecycle of data.
Unique to Innova Systems, our Innova DPP for Healthcare solution provides a hospital-tailored store/search/view interface, allowing healthcare facilities to capture healthcare data from paper and to store it in virtual patient records indexed by patient ID (HN,VN, etc.) and more.
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