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Digital Dictation
Winscribe digital dictation is an audio workflow and management program especially created for the legal and healthcare industries that use voice recordings to create reports of all kinds. Winscribe allows recording froms all kinds of sound recording devices including dedicated voice recorders, PC's, telephony (analog, VOIP), and mobile devices including
iPhone and Blackberry. It includes an easy-to-use management and productivity reporting interface, and its workflow features enable flexible configuration to meet all your security, dictation process, and organizational requirements.
Innova Systems is the authorized Thailand partner for Winscribe, and is proud to be the first digital dictation reseller in Thailand. We have installed the Winscribe digital dictation system for use in one of the largest hospital groups in Thailand, and it is the largest installation site in terms of licenses in Southeast Asia.
To view a list of our Winscribe client references, click here >.
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