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Innova Systems
Industries We Serve
Innova Systems prouds itself in having a deep understanding of the industries in which we serve. In order to understand informatics problems, Innova Systems believes it is critical to have an understanding of the operational processes and environment of the client. We even believe that to understand our clients, it is critical to understand the customers of our clients as well, and our clients' relationship to their customers.
We are deep experts in the hospital informatics field. Innova Systems has developed over 6 years' of experience in the healthcare industry, especially in private hospitals of small to medium sizes in Bangkok and across Thailand. We have experience with clinics and clinic groups as well. We speak your process and language.
Our informatics projects cover the following areas:
  • Front-office HIS systems installation, replacement, migration
  • Integrations with PACS and LIS systems
  • IT Infrastructure Preventive Maintenance outsourcing for small healthcare providers
  • Patient Identification card printing, barcode printing, barcode+HIS integration
Food Export
Additionally, in 2010, Innova Systems is starting entry into the food export industry. We have started a project for producer data capture for quality monitoring and compliance in the aquaculture export industry. We aim to focus on the food export industry further in the years to come.
Our informatics project in the food export industry cover the following area:
  • Mobile data capture of producer data for quality monitoring and compliance and export, using digital pen & paper
Our Past Customers
Large/Private Hospitals
Aquaculture producer
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