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Innova Systems
About Innova Systems
Our Team
Orange Tree Culture
Innova Systems is like an orange tree that must be nurtured. The people of Innova Systems care for and grow the orange tree. Through the mindful and happy actions of the people, the orange tree plants its roots and becomes strong and a foundation. In time, the orange tree will produce oranges that can take care of the people. The people and the Orange Tree is a relationship that mutually benefits each other. The people care for the tree, and the tree cares for the people.

Below are the values and beliefs we strive to live by at the Innova Systems Orange Tree. Feel free to share this culture in your community.
At the end of the day, Innova Systems is the greater sum of its People. We like to say that "Software can't walk into your organization". People make that happen, and our Innova Systems people are dedicated to service excellence from sales to implementation to tech support.

We proudly introduce you to our team members below.
Rangsarn Chanyavanich,
Owner and Managing Director,
"The Visionary"
Kanokporn Chaladklang,
Implementer & Technical Support Analyst,
"The Techie Girl"
Kantavit Areerob,
Project Manager and Technical Support Lead,
"The Implementer"
Paitoon Sankeang,
Implementer & Technical Support Analyst,
"The Techie"

Sales Manager,
"The First Face of Innova Systems"
Natchanon Rattanatrakuljaroen,
Administrative Assistant,
"Everything But the Tech"

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